Buying a yacht, is it like having a child?

Yesterday morning a good friend of mine and his wife had a child. I’ve yet to see the three of them. And so the thought crossed my mind. I wonder what their faces look like.
Probably a really subtle mixture of out and out terror, happiness, trepidation and excitement.

Sound a bit like buying a yacht!?


They’ll always cost more than you think they will.

You’ll never truly learn everything about them.

You’re left on unexpected occasions thinking.. “Whats next!?”

Its not all negatives though I’m sure….

You get to name it.

You get to nurture it, mold it into something that suits your lifestyle. ISH.

A heightened sense of responsibility!? Is that a good thing…. I suppose so.

You’ll love it for the rest of your life, although that won’t stop you wanting to pass it on to a ‘new owner’ at some stage.

Babies need to be delivered too! Perhaps delivery skippers should think of themselves as a midwife… hmmm scary thought! But their are similarities to that situation as well you must admit!

Anyone got any others!?

Positive or Negative!


2 thoughts on “Buying a yacht, is it like having a child?

  1. notanotherlikeme

    They come with/from the dreams of what is/could come.

    You worry like hell she is not injured during the delivery. If she is, your world tailspins until you see proof that she will be ok.


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