Irving Johnson (Around the Horn) on the Peking: Quotes and thoughts

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As sailors we watch this Irving Johnson film about rounding the horn ALL THE TIME! I can highly recommend watching it if you can get hold of it. Its a 40min silent film that documents the voyage of P-Liner “The Peking” from the North Sea to Chile via Cape Horn. The wrong way.

The Peking is a 4 masted Steel Barque built in 1911. The voyage takes place in 1929. Irving Johnson was aboard for the entire trip, shooting the footage. He later added the narration.

This type of footage is truly unique, as it takes place at a time in history where technology meant that for the first time they could shoot moving images but yet “The Peking” was one of the very last sailing cargo ships of its kind. A really precious nugget of sailing history.

I found his narration combined with the incredible footage, absolutely enthralling and…

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