The Ocean of Life

Thanks to thevitaenaut for this post.

The Vitaenaut

Life, an open ocean on which all men sail. From the poverty, to the opulence, every boat sails silently across it’s glistening waves. The opulent, sailing through the ocean on giant ships, built for the likes of kings and businessmen, look down upon the ocean as a blissful, blue painting, painted solely for their liking, and the waves as entertainment from their protected towers. While the poor sail in their skips, bashed about by not-so-blissful waves, and tossed around by the paintings of the rich. To them, the waves are deadly, and one poorly placed crash could destroy their boats and end their lives. The poor watch in awe as opulent kings and rockstars jump from their protected towers into the waves, ending their opulence. They vow to fight, to never sink into the waves and be crushed. For many a brilliant mind lives among them. Many who, with a…

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