Wintering or Laying Up your yacht for the Winter

The list of potential jobs when laying up can obviously be very extensive, however if it’s approached with thorough thought and care you can be confident your yacht will be in a good condition when you arrive for your first sail of the spring

Here are some Important Jobs:

Standing Rigging:

  • Rig Check – Look for wear and tear, signs of corrosion, cracked tangs, worn/broken pins – Check sheaves, swages, split-pins, masthead lights  and spreader mounts.
  • Rinse moving parts with fresh water (Furling Drum, bottlescrews etc.)
  • Polish Stainless, this helps to isolate and combat corrosion and wear and tear.

Running Rigging:

  • Replace Halyards with messenger lines to prolong life.
  • Rinse and Soak all lines
  • Inspect all lines and mooring warps for chafe, label and stow in a ventilated location.


  • Rinse and dry all sails
  • Flake or roll up sails ready for storage aboard or  ashore


  • Change Engine Oil and Filter
  • Change Gearbox Oil
  • Spray Engine with WD40 and cover. This helps to reduce condensation.


  • Fill up Fuel tanks, also to reduce condensation.
  • Check and potentially replace primary and secondary filters.

Moisture and Mould Control:

  • Clean entire boat, above and below deck, salt attracts moisture. Dirt and     grease attract mould, so vacuum and     polish EVERYTHING.
  • Remove all food items, leave fridges and lockers and compartments open.


  • Empty freshwater tanks, sponge out.
  • Drain pumps, hoses, refrigeration and AC units.A 50/50 solution of anti-freeze can be pumped round to protect low points prior to this.
  • Flush heads with fairly liquid and cooking oil to lubricate. Disconnect seacocks and drain.
  • Flush holding tank and add appropriate cleaner.


  • Clean battery terminals, grease terminals with Vaseline.
  • Check Nav Lights and grease.

Visit the Thumbs Up Sailing Yacht Delivery official site for a full list laying up/wintering jobs. Or even get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements!



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