The four stages of being a yachtie in the Med

Scarily True… What stage are you at!?

The Swedish African

It was one of those conversations that had me in fits of laughter as Liverpudlian Ian — a self-professed, early STAGE THREE — gave me his frank ranking of yachties from one to four.

Basically, it’s an easy-to-navigate system that breaks down our yachtie lifetime into four stages from green dock walker (STAGE ONE) to veteran crew member (STAGE FOUR). It took Ian and his side-kicks Jamie and Beth a full winter and many beers to jot it all down.

Finally, when I heard it, I set to task and stress-tested their theory on a few mates in the yachting game. I was only met with the same joy and agreement I’d had when I first heard it. From captains and chefs to newbies and drunken dropouts — we all agreed.

And together we embellished Ian’s original theory to come up with the “Four Stages of Being a Yachtie.”

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